Aren't you Ready to Hire Amazing Employees, Train them to Follow a Proven System and Grow your Business Beyond your Dreams?

Your on your way to gaining the knowledge to get your business set for success.

Find Out The Secret to A Brand New Revolutionary Program That Will Allow You To Give Amazing Service; Every Day - All Day


wondering where to start?
Are You Frustrated Because... you have more questions than answers and don't know where to start?

Do you need to find a way to hire employees and train them to care about your business as much as you do?

The solution is to train your employees the simple processes and systems that ensure your clients are always 100% satisfied! 

Use Kerri's proven system to attract and retain the best employees that will take pride in providing grade A services! 
Do You have a Business and are Sick of Hiring New Employees: Hoping They Are "THE ONE" That Will Make A Difference...

What is keeping you stuck?

Problem No. 1

 Maybe you've tried increasing wages, disciplining staff or even BEGGING them to do better...

Only to feel used and unappreciated. The complaints continue and your employees have no respect for you or your guests. 

Problem No. 2

 Perhaps you see employees rushing around trying to keep up with the fast pace, creating a perception of unprofessionalism and inadequacy...

Do you feel embarrassed when customers see your uncoordinated staff scurrying about; giving off the vibe that they really don't know what they are doing or how they will get it done? 

Problem No. 3

Unable to rest easy at night; knowing that the people you have hired have done a fabulous job....dreading the morning; when the complaints will start to come in. 

Leaving a feeling of embarrassment because your staff are giving off the vibe that they really don't know what they are doing or how they will get it done? 
"It was in the worst crisis point as a service business owner that I realized what needed to be done...."
I realized that the systems and processes I have been implementing for years could help others...

I could pass on my secrets to motivating employees of vacation rental properties, I could teach people how to make their employees care about the work they are doing, and now...

I am on a mission to help others just like you! 
I was an exhausted, worried small business owner trying to do whatever I could to keep paying our monthly bills during the most unexpected crisis we could have ever imagined!
This Pandemic had reduced my monthly income by 90% and caused all of our employees to be laid off in the matter of one week!
Many of our star employees now were re-evaluating their priorities in life. Some moved to new cities to be with family, some decided to stay home with their children full time and others decided to take the opportunity to either switch careers or pursue online education. We lost some of our most cherished staff members. 

The problem was that there were not alot of people out there looking for work. The ones that were; were not skilled and really not very desirable. I had no idea what to do to replace the workers I had lost and I was feeling bewildered! I began to scour the internet looking for any indication that there might be an easier way.

Then, I had an ah-ha moment! I found an online program that assured me I could ATTRACT the very best employees and KEEP them. 

Having a winning system for conducting my business and knowing that I was only missing the AMAZING EMPLOYEES I needed; I took a chance! I scraped together the $10,000.00 to enroll in the program and took the plunge.......


I learned from the very best how to attract and retain employees that stick around and rarely let me down! 

Now; I have added this knowledge to my program in order to offer YOU the step by step guidance as you begin and grow your service business!  THE BIG DIFFERENCE IT THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY $10,000.00 TO LEARN THESE SECRETS!!

Employee Attraction Reaction System IS HERE! 

The challenge has been that I couldn't possibly get to every service business owner that needs help and although I am very successful with Kedziora Systems, I just don't have the time to train every team in every situation one on one!

I have decided to use the knowledge that comes with 30 years experience (and more hard learned lessons than I like to admit) to empower others to find their own level of success by creating an online program that can be used to utilize my program!

My goal is to help service business owners sidestep the hurdles associated with the first few years of business as well as those that want to transition from mediocre staff to "A" list employees! 

Then it hit me! 

Why not offer an online training program? One that will give the service business owners the key fundamentals in motivating staff, as well as providing them with the systems and processes to keep customers satisfied all the time? 

Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Get Your Business Running Smoothly and Give 5-Star Cleanliness Ratings To Your Clients Immediately?
Imagine the time you would have to put your energy elsewhere if you weren't working on strategies to ease the guests concerns about cleanliness! 

No more sleepless nights wondering if the employee you had cleaning yesterday actually did their job. No worries about waking up to unhappy guests or poor social media reviews. 

Wouldn't it be nice to use 1 tool at the beginning of employment to train employees as your team grows rather than investing the same dollars over and over to train staff only to find that you are still not getting cleanliness ratings that you work so hard for and genuinely deserve? 

vacation rental Cleaning Business owners need to have Systems in place in order to empower their employees to provide Exceptional service.

once you have attended the virtual workshops,
 Your  teams will be easily trained in using systems and processes to offer 
exceptional service every single day. 
this way, you can get back to what is most important;

get ready to enjoy more time spent with family & friends!

Use one program to train all employees as they enter your employ! 
Save money and time by systematizing your training program! 
Never pay another cent to train any new employee; ever!
Claim Access To A-Team Accelerator Now!
Service Business Owners Need To Have Systems In Place In Order To Empower Their Employees To Provide Exceptional Service.

Use One Program To Train All Employees As They Enter Your Employ! 
Save Money And Time By Systematizing Your Training Program! 
Never Pay Another Cent To Train Any New Employee; Ever!
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get
With The Employee Attraction Retention System...


Employee Attraction Retention System

This online Training Program makes it easy to train multiple team members online...
 Your customers will experience the pleasure of working with a well organized and happy team. 

You will never need to purchase another employee training package again! 


Understand Your Core Values and Use Them To Attract Like Minded Professionals

 Explore and Evaluate your personal values and use them to attract employees as well as clients to experience peace and harmony in your daily interactions! 


Understanding Your Employees  Needs

 Learn how to perform an initial interview that will leave your potential candidates wanting more! 

We'll explore the techniques to finding out your candidates fears, concerns and how to assure them you are a different type of employer! 


Automated Email Sequencing

 Keep your employees informed through strategically placed informative email sequencing! 

In this module you will learn the importance of keeping employees informed and educated as well as the strategies to do so! 


Creating Systems That Work

 Learn to create your personal system in order to ensure that your staff are empowered to provide the very best system! 

We'll teach you to create job descriptions, routines, and checklists that encourage systematization! 


Roadmap For Employee Attraction Retention Systems

 Create a clear and concise system for motivating and empowering employees to be the best they can be every single day! 

They will brag about "how amazing" their employer is! 

On This Page Only Are Exclusive Bonuses You Can't Get Anywhere Else!

Super Cool Bonus #1 (Worth $4680):
Weekly Zoom Meeting To Problem Solve And Reorganize Employee Systems And Processes
This is a live 2-hour question & answer session with the training programs expert! It is the shortcut to understand what is REALLY happening with your systems and processes...make better choices about employee methods you use now and in the future and feel confident that you can say "good-bye" to complaints regarding cleanliness. 
Super Cool Bonus #2 (Worth $997):
Policies & Procedures
This in-depth workshop that guides you systematically through every single module of the actual Policies and Procedures Manual that Kerri uses in her own service business. You will develop your very own manual! BUT WAIT!!! THERES MORE!! 

Super Cool Bonus #3 (Worth $997):
Events, Perks, Incentives to Keep Your Employees Engaged! 
The most important part of any service business system is the employees! This workshop will ensure you have the skills and ability to attract the best employees and keep them on staff for longer lengths than the standard.  Kerri's methods for retaining employees is effective in keeping them engaged and loyal! Learn which platforms work best for Kerri and get the exact ad she uses in her employee attraction! Watch a pre-recorded (actual) interview to see exactly how to develop your interviewing skills!
This amazing Package will Change the way your business performs!

the bonus offers will allow you to bring it altogether to take your service business to the goal of Attracting Amazing Employees!

this offer should not be overlooked especially because it is  irresistible when compared to the regular retail price!

sign up today and enjoy unlimited access to all of the workshops!

Get in on this deal now, before the competition find out about it... to ensure you are known for setting the standards for amazingly clean guest accommodations 
Money Back Guarantee
Be 100 % Satisfied with the Content and value offered in this program or get your money back!
Now it's time for the....Final Words from the programs creator!
I am so excited that you are considering joining our growing group of Vacation Rental Cleaners to empower yourself and your staff to be the very best in your area! 

Your employees will thank you for the leadership and genuine interest in helping them succeed! 

Once you join; you'll be receiving guidance and leadership from a genuinely caring member of our tourism industry through the turmoil that plagues many in the first couple of years! 

I am looking forward to meeting you personally and can't wait to get started helping you to achieve the success I have experienced with my own team! 

Remember, your just one system away from having the business of your dreams!


Kerri Anne Kedziora

Owner/Operations Manager at 
Vacation Rental Cleaning For Beginners

That’s a lot of goodness, so let’s recap what you’re getting when you sign up:
  • Employee Attraction Retention System ($2997.00 Value)
  • Understand Your Core Values and Use Them To Attract Like Minded Professionals                 ($97 Value)
  • Understanding Your Employees Needs ($97 Value)
  • Automated Email Sequencing ($97 Value)
  • ​Creating Systems That Work ($97 Value)
  • ​Roadmap For Employee Attraction Retention Systems ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1 Weekly Zoom Meeting To Problem Solve And Reorganize Employee Systems And Processes ($4680 Value)
  • BONUS #2 Policies & Procedures ($997 Value)
  • ​BONUS #3 Employee Attraction & Retention ($997 Value)
Total Value = $10,253
Today's Price = Just $5000
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